How to send your photo to Space

Bit of an out-of-this-world adventure. Our mission is to create exciting space experiences and make them accessible to everyone. Our first project, inspired by the Golden Records aboard the Voyager Spacecraft. To create an "Earth Time Capsule". A message-in-a-bottle. An archive of our knowledge, languages, memories, thoughts, iconic moments, historical events, copies of books, poems, stories, animal sounds, pictures of animals, landscapes, stories, and much more in the form of pictures, videos, sounds, and texts. With all of us having the chance to upload and contribute to it. The chance to share and tell our own stories. We'll use cutting-edge digital and analog data storage technology to protect the contents for thousands of years and encase it all in an artistic and space-proof satellite to endure the harsh conditions of outer space. We're designing pictographs and exploring various methods for them to be accessible and legible for the future discoverer. The big think is for it to exist for thousands of years with the chance for it to be discovered by future space-faring explorers. Lastly, only 2 of these devices will be created (why we named it Pic2Space). The 2nd identical twin will be stored at an undisclosed location on earth. An archeological dig and discovery for our future selves to show and tell our story. All of this is extremely exciting.

Send your photo to space

Send your Picture to Space 

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