Space has always fascinated humans, inspiring a sense of possibility and potential as we look up at the night sky and wonder what lies beyond our planet. Yet, accessibility to space adventures has only been available for a select few. That's where our project comes in. Our mission is to send a satellite filled with a library of pictures and text into space, making it possible for more people to fulfill their dreams of exploring space and experiencing the excitement of space travel. Partnering with a successful rideshare program and engineering companies, we will push the boundaries of what is currently possible and create an object that will endure for the future. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase the capabilities of technology and design, with an estimated launch date of late 2024. Through this project, we hope to inspire the next generation of explorers and provide educational value by getting people to think about the vastness of time and space and our place in the universe. It's an adventure that awaits us, and we can't wait to send it.


Our project will use an innovative technology called Nanofiche to store our data in an analog format. Nanofiche is a durable and space-grade nickel-based film that is capable of preserving large amounts of analog information in harsh conditions, such as those encountered in space. It is a lightweight and efficient technology that can withstand extreme temperatures, exposure to elements, microbes, and chemicals for thousands of years or even longer without degrading. Each sheet of Nanofiche can store up to 2,000 pages of text or 1.2 million images at 150 dpi. Furthermore, Nanofiche can also be used to encode digital data for archival preservation. Overall, Nanofiche is the perfect solution for archiving data in extreme environments, providing us with a reliable and long-lasting platform to store our information.

Partner and Business Enquiries

Join us in our groundbreaking endeavor to shape the future of space exploration. We're seeking institutions, universities, media houses, and other organizations to partner with us in this exciting opportunity. We're looking for passionate partners who are committed to advancing our understanding of the universe and making space accessible to more people. If you're interested in being part of this collaborative effort, please get in touch with us to learn more about how you can participate. Let's work together to create a better future for space exploration!